Recommended routine annual cleaning

every 250,000 miles or 4200 hours.

Onboard vehicle regeneration only turns soot into ash, the remaining ash builds up and reduces power, mpg, and creates backpressure.


Free Pick-up and delivery within 100 miles

DPF, EGR, and Catalyst

Cleaning Services

Same day turnaround on most cleaning services

We also sell brand new replacement DPF's; high quality coerderite, 409 stainless steel, North American made, drop shipped to your address in 1-2 business days. We beat dealer prices on most models.


How do you clean a Diesel Particulate Filter?

At Advanced Particulate Technologies we clean, test, and complete an extensive diagnostic analysis of Diesel Particulate Filters and catalysts utilizing the latest in advanced FSX equipment. FSX is the only DPF cleaning equipment on the market certified and backed by PACCAR.


Most DPF's clean-up to optimal capacity through our pneumatic cleaning process. This process utilizes air knife technology that cleans the filter with 100 psi of dry air from both the top and bottom.


If a filter is pneumatically cleaned and retested out of optimal range, thermal cleaning is a further option we offer to clean any resistant residual soot or ash from the filter.

What if I have an oil or fluid soaked filter?

We are able to clean oil or fluid soaked (a.k.a. "wet") filters with our thermal cleaning system. Not only does this process remove resistant ash from typical filters, it also has a specifically designed program to dry filters and break down most lubricants into ash which then enables the filter to be cleaned pneumatically. This is a drastic cost savings over purchasing a new DPF or catalyst.

What if a filter fails or can no longer be cleaned?



We have a solution for that! We are a Roadwarrior dealer of replacement Diesel Particulate Filters and all metal Diesel Oxydation Catalysts. All filters and catalysts are North American made, manufactured using 409 Stainless Steel casing, and come with a one-year, 150,000 mile warranty.

Please see our Replacement DPF/DOC page for more info!